Google is heart

Our instructor in IT taught us how to use google’s features like google docs, google drive and many more. For our group project, the topic that we wanted to tackle is about the awareness of UPLB students on “fake news” so we drafted questions regarding it and plotted it in google forms. It amazed me in many ways how easy we made our project even we are at different places and not meet-up and discuss personally.

Topic head

Isko’t Iska, Nabiktima Ka Na Ba?: Awareness of UPLB students about “fake news”

This is the link of our form for UPLB undergraduate students who would like to answer our survey:

I hope many UPLB student out there can answer our survey. I can’t wait to see the responses. We would also like to analyze and summarize it and present everything that we learned on the survey. I will post soon what we have concluded on it. I hope it would be helpful to someone conducting a study with similar topic like ours and to others who needs to know the impacts of fake news.

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