Awareness of UPLB students on “fake news” survey result highlights.

Today we reported the results of our month-long survey among undergraduate UPLB students. We had hundred of respondents towards the end. In this group project, we are obliged only to use Google features like Google drawing, Google slides, and Google docs. We are glad we came up with this infographics based on their answers and the results of the survey.


Infographics on “Fake news” awareness of UPLB students

Based on the results, about 56 percent of the respondents are victims of fake news. The number one source of fake news the students encountered is from the social media which is very likely because almost 75 percent of the respondents have read or know about news from social media and computer than news from radio, newspapers or television.


Usual topics of fake news

The usual topics of fake news they usually encounter are about politics, death of a public figure, scientific findings, showbiz, false accusations, health, weather forecast, tips holiday, sports, scandal, tragedies and natural phenomenon. As we can see, they tend to encounter fake news that are about politics than the other topics.


Categories of “Fake news”

Various categories of fake news was also encountered by our respondents but mostly are slanted and biased fake news. Second to the poll is the misleading kind of fake news. While the least encountered kind of fake news are imprecise & sloppy and satire & parody.

We also asked them in our survey if they happened to have read, listened, or watched a news, that would they be able to evaluate if the information given was legitimate or not. The result is quite fascinating because about 66 out of 100 can be able to evaluate if the news they have acquired is legitimate or not.


When asked if they always check the source of their information 64% said always, while 29% said sometimes and the remaining said that they seldom and never do it. Almost half of the respondents said that they also check the date and time of the news that they have read to see to it if the information is timely or not. Forty-one percent (41%) said that they sometimes check the date and time while others (8%) said that they seldom do it. [B]


When asked about their awareness about Senate Bill No. 1492, “an act penalizing the malicious distribution of false news and other related violations”, majority (57%) said that they were aware while 43% said that they are not aware about this senate bill. Those who knew about this senate bill answered that they would support (79%) this bill while others said maybe (19%) and no (2%), while those who said that they were not aware of this bill that they would want to learn (95.4%) about it. [B]


The”What to dos” if encountered fake news based on their answers.

So everyone, not only UPLB students, I hope with this survey we can help prevent spreading of fake news. I have only presented here highlights of our survey results. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. DO NOT DECEIVE.

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Hacker feels in decoding number ructions.

I remember when I was in elementary, my brother and I used to have secrets decoded by each other. We use special formulas or special patterns on how our we going to solve each other’s secret codes. We sometimes use numbers to represent alphabet or vice versa.

Today I have learned about number systems other than decimal. These are the binary, octal and hexadecimal nmber systems. We are also taught how to convert them. I was puzzled at first but in the end I got it and eventually answered our exercises. It literally challenges my logic. It is time consuming and brain racking but it feels good when you get the correct answers.


My paper was a mess, it almost looked like scratch

I shall teach my brothers these new knowledge I have incurred. We can use it on our decoding games and many more. [Bwahahahaha!] Brofist!


BH: A little bit of a hero

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 3.25.38 PM

Well here, I am referring to the game BIT HEROES, an 8 bit graphic game I am playing recently.


BIT Heroes is an 8-bit graphic role playing game you can play in mobile or pc made by Juppiomenz.

[Woah! I am applying what have I learned in IT1 about bits and bytes. Yey!] 

It saves me from boredom and keeps me sane [haha]. I am a bit of addicted to it because it tends my competitiveness. My bestfriend introduced me to it and we compete with each other by any means in the game like in levels, legendary weapons we get, and even the familiars we persuade or combine. I am sharing it so that you’ll know how I enjoy playing it and also show my recent adventures with my character.


Here’s my character—am so cute!

I think I am playing it for almost one and a half month already. To those who wants to add me, my IGN (in game name) is elleroyale. I have now become level 100 that I have thought making a blog about it.


Raid with my friends and guildmates.

You can be able to communicate with other players around the globe and meet new friends. You can also form guilds, explore dungeons, fight epic bosses, compete in events, battle in arena, and many more. There you can also fight different kinds of monsters and can persuade them to join your team, put them in a stable or fuse them.


Kawaii icon of BH

There are so much to talk about this game but I will not spoil a lot of fun things about it, its up to you if you want to explore more about it and play it. It can be downloaded in Play Store and App Store or you can play it in KONGREGATE. Just comment here and let me know what you think about this game. You can check out more about it here through this link