BH: A little bit of a hero

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 3.25.38 PM

Well here, I am referring to the game BIT HEROES, an 8 bit graphic game I am playing recently.


BIT Heroes is an 8-bit graphic role playing game you can play in mobile or pc made by Juppiomenz.

[Woah! I am applying what have I learned in IT1 about bits and bytes. Yey!] 

It saves me from boredom and keeps me sane [haha]. I am a bit of addicted to it because it tends my competitiveness. My bestfriend introduced me to it and we compete with each other by any means in the game like in levels, legendary weapons we get, and even the familiars we persuade or combine. I am sharing it so that you’ll know how I enjoy playing it and also show my recent adventures with my character.


Here’s my character—am so cute!

I think I am playing it for almost one and a half month already. To those who wants to add me, my IGN (in game name) is elleroyale. I have now become level 100 that I have thought making a blog about it.


Raid with my friends and guildmates.

You can be able to communicate with other players around the globe and meet new friends. You can also form guilds, explore dungeons, fight epic bosses, compete in events, battle in arena, and many more. There you can also fight different kinds of monsters and can persuade them to join your team, put them in a stable or fuse them.


Kawaii icon of BH

There are so much to talk about this game but I will not spoil a lot of fun things about it, its up to you if you want to explore more about it and play it. It can be downloaded in Play Store and App Store or you can play it in KONGREGATE. Just comment here and let me know what you think about this game. You can check out more about it here through this link

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